18 inch Dishwasher Facts – Small Dishwashers

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If you are looking for a narrow dishwasher then a 18 inch dishwasher is exactly what you need. They are also called a slimline dishwasher because it measure 18 inches in width. A full size dishwasher normally measures 24 inches, so if you looking for a dishwasher to fit in a tight space a 18 inch dishwasher is your best bet.

Is size the only difference?

Size is the only difference when you compare a 18 inch dishwasher to a full size dishwasher.


I know purchasing a dishwasher that will fit is a priority, but getting the most out of your money is also a factor . Thankfully, the only thing that you should be worrying about are the dimensions of this dishwasher. 18 inch dishwashers perform just as good as a full size dishwasher. Most are packed with fast, delicate , normal, and heavy-duty washing settings.

The higher end dishwashers even comes with Eco setting. This  makes your wash cycles more proficient by using less water and energy. However, 18 inch dishwashers already save water and energy due to its size. Having that setting is just a plus. Another nice setting is the delicate setting. If you have dishes or glasses that you think would be harmed, the delicate setting is perfect. It cleans well , but also uses colder temperatures and less water pressure to keep the dishes safe.


Knowing how well the dishwasher cleans your utensils and dishes is important, but what if they don’t fit? Larger families are limited to options just because they consume more food, in result uses more dishes. Each time they are ready to wash dishes not all of the dishes can fit in the dishwasher. That’s why it is important to do your research on each model. Compare how well the design of each one is on the inside. I know most 18 inch dishwashers have adjustable racks.So for the bigger dishes you might wash less dishes, but you can adjust the racks for the bigger dishes. I Suggest you to  compare each model and  look at how many dishes they can hold at once.

The Installtion of a 18 inch dishwasher is just like any other dishwasher installtion. Just plug up all the hoses and attach your power cable to the wall outlet and your done. Always read the owners manual, in doing so  will help you install it correctly.

After Installation and a few uses, food build up is bound to happen. After every use make sure you clean up all the food that is left in the dishwasher. Keeping the dishwasher well maintained will help in run properly for a longer time. Also never overload the dishwasher , sometimes utensils will prevent the spray arm from rotating, because they slip through the cracks.

Is a 18 inch dishwasher right for me?

I believe if you are trying to save space and have only enough room for a 18 inch dishwasher, then I think it would be perfect for your kitchen. 18 inch dishwashers look and perform just as good as full size dishwashers. I can’t stress it enough to do your research on each one, so you know what you are buying.

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