3 Types of Hot Tub Filters

Hot Tub photoHot tub filters are an essential part of the entire set-up and ensure unwanted debris and particles are blocked from entering the pool water.

A high-quality filtration system has the potential to increase the usable lifespan of the tub and keeps the water clear and clean. There are several different types of filters so it is important to invest in the proper filter to match the hot tub model at-home.

If there were some equipment for your hot tub that you would like to buy at a lower price, it would be better for you to get a good discount filter. The filter is a vital part of any tub. It ensures that the water, which enters into your pool, is clean and hygienic.

A filter has to be changed quite often and thus discount hot tub filters would be what you are looking out for.


Discounted parts are the hot tub filters which you would normally get at a good discount price. The varieties of filters, which are available, include the following:

  1. Sand: These utilize sand as the filter media, through which the water must pass through. Any impurities or solid particle gets retained in the sand filter bed. Getting discount filters in this category is relatively easy.
  2. Cartridge: A type of filter, which utilizes folded paper material or polyester mesh to entrap the particles contained in water. The amount of filtration is directly proportional to the mesh used.
  3. Diatomaceous Earth: Utilizes the particles of diatomaceous particles, which is obtained from fossils. These fossilized materials have a porous structure, which allows water to pass through them, but entraps the impurities within them.

Getting a Good Discount

If you are getting a marked down hot tub filter, make sure you are getting it from a reputed source. Many fakes are there in the markets who sell used filters at discounted prices. It is therefore important to get your filter from a manufacturer whom you can trust. Also getting a sensibly priced product is more important than the regularly priced one because it has to be used on a frequent basis and is not a onetime investment. It is therefore important that you save money each time you purchase the filter.


Whether your filtration system is at a cut rate or the regular priced one, you will need to clean it sufficiently on a regular basis. Different filters can be cleaned by different mechanisms. Most come with a manual, which gives detailed instructions on the cleaning procedure, which should help. Cleaning your hot tub filter will increase its life so that it can filter for years together.

However, eventually filters will be clogged and a new one would have to be purchased again. It is for this reason of continuous buying of the filter that you need to look at the best deal available and search for a good discount hot tub filter.

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