5 Inflatable Pools Perfect For Summertime

Inflatable Pool photo

Inflatable pools compliment the hot sun, warm air, and make summertime that much more fun. They are easy to set up and extremely affordable making for the perfect summer activity. Young babies, tweens, and even adults can enjoy a pool in their backyard for fun. These days the pools are made with sturdy materials making them long lasting and enjoyable for years upon years. Teach kids to swim, cool down, or just splash about in one of the fun inflatable pool choices we love below!

1. The Large Family Style Inflatable Pool

120″ x 72″ Family Swim Center Pool, Inflatable, 17 Gauge Vinyl, 22″ Wall Height & Big Enough For Family & Friends To Sit Or Lounge, 3 air chambers each with double intake and free flow exhaust valve Repair Kit.


  • 120″ x 72″ Family Swim Center Pool
  • Inflatable
  • 17 Gauge Vinyl
  • 22″ Wall Height & Big Enough For Family & Friends To Sit Or Lounge
  • 3 air chambers each with double intake and free flow exhaust valve and Repair Kit. Colors and styles may vary from item described and pictured.

2. The Family Lounge Pool

The ideal pool for lounging around with little kids or adults is this perfect family lounge pool. The lounge pool measure 90″ x 90″x 26″ and offers 4 built in seats with backrests, 2 drink holders and is durable- guaranteed to last through several summers.

3. Sunshade Pool

Swimming in the sun is great fun, but sun burns are no laughing matter. Protect yourself with a shaded pool

and enjoy the outdoors twice as much. The pool has a removable sun shade that can be taken off for indoor play during the winter- just toss in some plastic balls and watch the kids have a blast.

4. Ocean Play Center

The Ocean Play Center is designed with fun colors and adorable water friends that will delight little ones> The water slide and inflatable palm tree are exciting for toddlers and a nice wadding pool is ideal for parents to relax and enjoy.

The wading pool is equipped with an overflow drain hole to allow no more than 4 1/4 inches of water height for younger children and has an 83 gallon (80% of wall height) capacity. The Play Center contains drain plugs in both pools and a control valve to adjust water flow. Grab the Ocean play center from Amazon.com

5. The Full Sized Inflatable Family Fun Pool

This easy inflatable pool has brought the enjoyment of backyard swimming to millions of people around the world. Pool sets are easy to assemble and very reliable. All you need to decide is what size fits your yard the best.

This fun pool is under $100 now!

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