5 Tips For Buying The Right Womens Cruiser Bike for You

womens cruiser bikeWMany women enjoy going for bike rides for various different reasons. Maybe they want to get fit, see the world at a slower pace, save money on petrol or maybe just to get out of the house for a while. Whatever your reasons for buying a womens cruiser bike it’s important to get some things straight before you buy.

Some bicycle users complain that their rides are not that comfortable and this is usually because they do not have the right size or type of bike for what they want to do.

And let’s be honest, without a comfortable bike and the right type of bike you may find that you do not fully enjoy your cruising time…and it’s likely you’ll stop altogether. But with a little preparation you can get the right womens cruiser bike to suit you and your intentions.

Let’s now go on to talk about 5 tips for buying a womens cruiser bike.

Number 1- Set Your Budget and Stick To It.

Before you go shopping for the perfect womens cruiser bike for you, you need to set a budget and stick to it. There are hundreds of bikes out there with a wide variety of prices. Setting a budget before you go shopping will really help shorten your search. You should be able to get the perfect brand name womens cruiser bike for you at a cost of between $150-$300

Number 2- Research Various Bikes

Before you start make sure that you know exactly what type of womens cruiser bike you want. Check online and see what’s available. Is it definately a womens cruiser bike you want or need? Maybe a women’s 3 speed bike or a women’s commuter bike would suit you better. Remember to check the customer reviews too to see what people think of the bikes. Manys the time I’ve avoided a bad purchase because I checked the customer reviews.

Also check for different versions of the bikes available. There’s nothing worse than buying something and finding out a newer, better version has already been released. I know a bike is not like a computer and doesn’t become obsolete within a few months but stronger frames, better brakes and a more comfortable
ride is always something to lookout for.

Number 3- Get Fitted

Some people aren’t aware of this but bikes come in various sizes, not just kids and adults!

If it is at all possible I suggest that you get fitted for your bike.

You can do this by simply visiting your local bike store and asking the assistant. When you do this it will allow you to be certain that you get the bike that is fitted properly for you.

If you can’t get measured then you can at least measure yourself and check out the following informative article to see if you are going home with the womens cruiser bike that you are considering buying. Article Link

Number 4- Take It For a Test Run

If you do get a chance to go to a bike store and find a womens cruiser bike that you like, you should always take it for a short test run just to be sure it’s comfortable and the right size for you. OK maybe you’re not near the beach to give your women’s beach cruiser bike a proper trial but a short cycle
will tell you if it’s the right size or type of womens cruiser bike for you.

If you buy your dream bike off the internet, get it and unfortunately it turns out to be more like a nightmare bike almost any site that you buy from will allow you to return it. Make sure you check on the returns policy wherever you buy your bike from and be prepared to have to pay shipping in some cases.

Number 5- The Look of It

Although a minor consideration to some, the look of a bike can mean a lot to others. You may favor red or blue over the more common metallic silver. Sometimes these colours are not available so make sure how important this is to you before you decide that you are not going to buy a womens cruiser bike because it is
not the right color. You might just miss your dream womens cruiser bike!

Also the shapes can change from brand to brand and type to type. A women’s schwinn cruiser bike has a different style to say a women’s comfort bike or a women’s trek bike. Likewise a women’s road bike will differ from a women’s cruiser bike so have a look at the different styles online before buying.

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