Aeron – Redefining Office Chairs for Style and Support

Known for its innovative design and its strikingly out-of-the-box concept, the Aeron chair has set itself quite apart from other office chairs in the same range. In fact, the chair is currently showcased in the Museum of Moden Art’s permanent collection, though we have yet to see whether its comfort and functionality live up to to its artsy build.

The Aeron is a sleek, sophisticated black contraption that was designed to perfectly fit every curve of the human body, providing adequate support to muscles you didn’t even know you used. The design was intended to be a quite above the average office chair, and nothing short of imaginative.

At its most basic, the chair features a high, wide contoured back, and its slopes down the back ever so slightly too, just so you can achieve perfect back posture. The front edge of the seat also keeps pressure off the thighs, courtesy of the “waterfall” front edge.

Part of what makes it so comfortable is PostureFit, an Aeron feature that allows you to sit for prolonged periods of time without straining your muscles. In fact, it supports natural body dynamics, such as the way the pelvis tilts forward, as well as correct spinal alignment.

Another unique feature is Aeron’s patented Kinemat tilt mechanism. It allows your neck, hips, shoulders, knees, and ankles keep natural positions as you sit and work.

It does feel comfortable enough, and extremely convenient. The adjustment controls are easy to manipulate, and the Aeron easily converts into either a work or side chair, and it provides adequate stools support for all kinds of office work.

All in all, you can’t deny the Aeron’s designers have put a lot of thought into body support.

And the Aeron chair pulls all this off—without cushions. That might be a bit of a drawback for those of us who prefer sinking into soft leather seats, but an office chair that conforms to bodily contours properly can be comfortable enough without the cushions.

While this could be a deal breaker for most people, the Aeron does provide its own alternative in the Pellicle—a specially woven seat that was developed exclusively for Aeron, and is made of back suspension material that stands in for the standard cushion. It’s not exactly pillow town, but the Pellicle evens out pressure across your body while seated, and keeps you cool at the same time—not something most cushions can achieve at the same time.

Aesthetically, the Aeron is an unquestionable headturner—in a good way, mostly. It does look a bit unconventional, though it should fit right in regardless of your kind of office space. The Aeron chair comes in black, as well as other neutral colors, though probably for a contraption like this, clean, sophisticated black might be the better choice.

Getting the Aeron could also be an environmental endeavor, and is definitely a plus: up to two thirds of the whole office chair was made with recyclable materials, making it 94% recyclable.

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