Another Bicycle Commuter

The weather report predicted rain for this morning; it wasn’t raining so I decided to ride in. Sitting on my commuter bicycle saddle after riding my road bike for 15 hours over three days was painful. For some reason the saddles feel different even though they are the same. It just has to be either the angle of the saddle or just the feel of the bicycle. Either way I am grateful that the morning commute is mostly downhill and flat. My road bicycle is a better bicycle, but I wouldn’t want to commute on it just like I wouldn’t want to ride my commuter bike for road riding. They each have their purpose.

Today I got honked at by a jerk in beat up old van. I guess he didn’t want to be bothered with watching out for anything but himself. I immediately flipped him off, and I could tell that he was looking at me in his rear view mirror. This guy seemed satisfied that he could once again confirm himself as an asshole. The tools for a bicycle commuter to defend themselves with from bad drivers are basically the middle finger and a lot of awareness mixed with flexibility. There have been times when I have not been paying attention to the road, and have been lucky enough that nothing happened.

I haven’t talked about the rabbit man yet. There is another bicycle commuter that I used to pass on the way home. Over time I began to talking to this guy and we rode home together for a short while. Well it turns out that he is really into rabbits. One evening he asked me if I would like to his rabbits and I said sure. Common sense should have told me to say no, but being that common sense wasn’t home that night I said sure. So I go over to this guy’s house, and I immediately tripped while entering his living home.

His living room was a drop down and I naturally expected it to be flat. After entering his living room we went into the kitchen whereby sure enough there were two rabbit hutches and rabbits jumping around on the floor. I don’t remember if I sat down in the middle of the rabbit poop because he said to or if I sat down because I was in shock. It sort of freaked me out. This is when I started calling him the rabbit man and changed my commute route home so that I wouldn’t meet up with him. The route I use now is much hillier.

Sure enough it’s raining, but it should be clear enough when I go home.

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