Are Tankless Water Heaters Worth The Money

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Tankless water heaters are systems that produce hot water only when it is required. These tankless heaters do not utilize storage tanks. Instead, whenever hot water is required, the tap is turned on and the cold water is made to pass through the pipes. The cold water is then heated instantly using a gas burner or an electric appliance and the hot water is thus obtained instantly. These water heaters are also known as the instantaneous type of water heaters or demand type water heaters.

These hot water heaters have a wide application in solar water heating systems. They are used in luxurious washrooms, hot tubs, and are used by busy families in their laundry machine or dishwashers. There is a lot of confusion prevailing in the market regarding the benefits of these heaters. People are baffled over the question of whether the tankless water heaters are worth the monetary value over the regular water heaters.

We at Tankless Water Heater Pros in Toronto, ON believe in honesty and transparency, and is why we list the pros and cons of getting a system so that you are better educated when it comes time to making that important decision.

1. Efficient energy saving: The tankless heaters are highly efficient in the process of saving energy. People all round the globe are now highly conscious about the waste and misuse of energy. These heaters provide the best alternatives of an energy saving mechanism. They do not need to work continuously. They heat up the water only when required. This makes it more efficient in saving energy as compared to the conventional, traditional water heaters.

2. Lower operation cost: The overall operation cost of the tankless water heater is also less than that of traditional heaters. This is because the tankless heaters are not used all the time. Thus it saves money which was otherwise required to be spent on the standby heat of the traditional water heaters.

3. Space saving: The tankless water heaters are smaller in size than that of the traditional heaters. The tankless ones that carry sixty to seventy gallons of water are twenty inches in width, twenty eight inches in height and almost ten inches in depth. The conventional ones are a lot larger in size. They are twenty four inches wide and sixty inches tall. Thus, the tankless hot water tanks can be installed even if the homeowner is short on space.

4. Longevity: The longevity of these tankless heaters is about approximately twenty years. While normal heaters are just ten to fifteen years. Thus, the tankless heaters are more efficient and effective as compared to the original ones.

However, there are certain drawbacks of the tankless systems also. The disadvantages of using these types:

1. A high initial cost, that will pay for itself in the long-term: the cost of setting up the tankless system is more than that of the traditional ones. Several sophisticated technologies are required. There shall be an electrical connection of the various electronics components present to heat up the cold water when it passes through the pipes. This whole arrangement requires an initial investment. It also requires a ventilation system. The installation of these various systems coupled with the various electrical connections also involves a short amount of time for installation. Thus, the initial start up cost is higher for these heaters as compared to the traditional ones, but will pay off for the future to come.

2. More energy requirements: The energy required to carry out the process of the conventional tanks is much less than the energy required to complete the whole process of the tankless system. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to provide such a huge quantity of energy. Also, increase in the amount of energy implies that the cost of the fuel also increases at a constant pace.

3. More care and maintenance: The tankless systems require utmost care and they need to be maintained thoroughly.

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