Laser Keyboards

The introduction of laser keyboards. As technology progresses the devices that we use to do our everyday computing tasks continue to get smaller. While this does have many advantages in many aspects it does hold its share of less advantageous points. The limit size of many devices has left traditional input methods difficult in many instances.

Many devices have keyboards that are difficult to use while others do not offer a keyboard at all. This has lead to the development and release of a number of alternative keyboard options. The most innovative and effective one on the market today would have to be the laser keyboards.

Although the portable keyboard options that are available are convenient when it comes to text entry on devices with less convenient options, many of them are only slightly so. Even though they do tend to be light and fold or roll up they are still bulk.

You have to concern yourself with storage and transportation of these items which can sometimes prove just as inconvenient as using the input options that are allowed by the device in the first place. Laser keyboards reduce the device to a small projection box and allow any flat surface to become your keyboard.

This is how they work. The device is both a projector and an input device. Most of these devices collect data with a double projection. Just above the visible keyboard made of laser is another invisible one made of invisible infrared light.

It is the invisible grid that reports the data back to the device and eventually to computer you are working on. As you type on the laser keyboard your fingers break the plane of the infrared projection. Each time the plane is broken the location in the field is calculated. The locations are synchronized with the visible field and data is entered accordingly.

To date there are few methods of data entry that remain simple to use and reliable yet have such compact convenience as the laser keyboards. Perhaps it is the similarity to the traditional input devices that we have become accustomed that makes them so appealing.

Whatever the reason, they are truly the favored method and continue to become more popular. As devices continue to become smaller and more powerful it is likely that rather than optional attachments these laser keyboards and similar input devices will become the standard for technology and will begin to come built in.

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